DMT and 25I-NBOMe interactions with psychiatric drugs

DoctorX, I am currently taking abilify (not sure on the dose, maybe ~5mg), Wellbutrin (I think 75mg), and cymbalta (60mv morning, 30mg at night) and I’m wondering how these will affect drug use.

I’ve been experimenting with DMT and 25i-NBOMe and have noticed reduced effects and reduced visuals. I’ve also noticed with 25i I need to take larger doses (~4-5mg) to feel some effects with limited visual effects. I also plan on trying 2-CE soon.

So my question is, are these diminished effects normal for someone taking the medication that I’m on? How can I get more pronounced effects effects from these drugs while on my medications? What should I do in terms of safety and dose regarding these drugs, specifically the 2C-E? And what dose should I take for the 2C-E? Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Both antipsychotics (Abilify, aripiprazol) and antideppressants (Cymbalta, duloxetine) diminish effects psychedelics. To my knowledge there are no studies involving 2C-x family but according to pharmacology and communications of users, this effect is foreseable. 

Some people try to counteract this effect increasing the psychedelic dosage. I in a practical point of view this is not recommended at all.

First, because it will increase physical adverse effects from psychedelics and risk of intoxication (this is particularly important in 2C-x and 25-x-NBOMEs). Second, because it will increase the risks of bad psychedelic experiences. And this is particularly important if you are using psychiatric medication. This last question is not only about pharmacological interactions, but also about the cause you are using medication. It is probable that this cause (the reason that makes that you need to use this medication) makes not recommendable to use psychedelics.  

MDMA and psychedelic phenethylamines

Comparatively, how bad would you say psychedelic phenethylamines are compared to MDMA? I’ve been reading a lot about phenethylamines lately and how they can boost the body’s metabolism, induce the feeling of love, and possibly improve cognitive function and mood. On a personal level, I can say that after consuming a variety of different 2C-x compounds at lower doses, I’ve never had adverse after-effects, which I cannot say for MDMA. 2C-I, 2C-E, and other 2C-x compounds seem to utilize a more of a pay-it-forward approach, where you feel like shit on the come-up (not unlike mescaline), but then just feel amazing through the trip and without any sort of ill-effects in the come-down. Can psychedelic phenethylamines potentially cause damage akin to what MDMA does to Nigral cells? Could you start burning holes in to your brain if you took psychedelic phenethylamines a few too many times, or are they fairly safe when compared to MDMA?

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It is important to understand that drugs cannot be classified as solely good or bad; their effects depend on the manner in which they are used.

It is a myth that drugs can burn holes in the brain as substances such as hydrochloric acid are not considered drugs.

MDMA, on the other hand, has undergone four decades of intensive research in both humans and animals, making it much safer than the psychedelic phenylethylamines. MDMA has been tested on thousands of people in clinical trials, whereas the human pharmacology of 2C-B or 2C-E has only been documented in anecdotal studies.

The use of phenylethylamines from the 2C family is uncommon at the population level. However, while the use of some members such as 2C-I, 2C-B, and 2C-E has gone unnoticed for decades, cases of toxicity and serious adverse effects from newer ones such as 2C-B Fly and Bromodragonfly have been reported more frequently. In addition to the lack of human experience, many psychedelic phenylethylamines are highly potent, and small differences in dosage, sometimes measured in milligrams or even micrograms, can produce intense effects, including organ toxicity.

It is true that the aftermath or «comedown» related to MDMA use is harder for most people than with 2C-X. This is due to both the pharmacological properties of each substance and the dose, frequency, and patterns of use.