Cocaine and topical anesthetics

I’ve recently used Cocaine and found it to only give me a numbing sensation in the nose (becomes a little runny as expected) and throat (after it settles in). But there isn’t a strong stimulate feeling whatsoever. I’ve had more of a buzz from large doses of coffee even. Is this normal or would higher purity coke cause a lack of speediness?
I was a regular user of Ritalin as a child (about 5 years or so) if that matters.

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There is no cross-tolerance between caffeine and cocaine. Drinking large doses of coffee does not affect the effects of cocaine.

Previous consumption of methylphenidate does not cause chronic cross-tolerance with other stimulants.

Numbing sensations are often thought to be indicative of cocaine purity. Cocaine is a skin and mucosal anaesthetic but so are other local anaesthetics (lidocaine, tetracaine, benzocaine…) which have no mental effects.

In fact, this group of drugs is among the usual adulterants of cocaine. They are used precisely to produce these sensations.

From the information you provide, low-quality cocaine adulterated with other local anaesthetics seems a likely cause of these «numbing sensations» without mental stimulation.

By the way, this is the correct way to make a coke line.