Sex on MDMA

What is sex on MDMA like?

I plan on using MDMA to engage in a sexual encounter with a very close friend. We’ll be using it together.Is sex on MDMA a good idea? What dangers should i look out for? what can I do to limit risks, or make the experience the best it can be??

Originally posted in SR 2.0 16/4/14. Reviewed 9/2/23

Opinions about sex on MDMA vary widely. It is often a matter of personal preference. But, certainly, is one of the «classical» combination for sex and drugs.  Generally, people tend to prefer engaging in sexual activity 3-4 hours after taking MDMA. At this point, the intense mental effects are beginning to subside, but the sensations of enhanced tactile stimulation and general well-being persist.

A Rollercoaster Ride for men

One potential issue for men is that MDMA can make it more difficult to achieve and maintain an erection. However, this effect diminishes after three to four hours for most people. Some people counteract this effect using anti-impotence drugs. This is an option in healthy persons and using reasonable dosages.

Another common experience for men using MDMA during sex is retarded ejaculation. This can be either an advantage or disadvantage depending on the person and the situation. Although many individuals prefer engaging in sexual activity after taking MDMA, some prefer it during the peak experience.

Is not just a question of erection, on MDMA you can explore thousands ways of creative and enhanced sexuality

MDMA: Sex enhancer or love potion?

Disinhibition can have positive aspects (especially if people know each other beforehand and are familiar with the experience). It may be easier to explore fantasies or propose activities that we repress in the usual state of consciousness.
If we are talking about sex with strangers, or people who have not previously experimented with MDMA, things may be different. It is important to maintain the measures to protect one’s own health  (contraceptives, PREP, condoms…). And be aware about self’s modified state of consciousness and impact on decisions.

Add a bit of paraphernalia to sex

To optimize the experience, it is best to look for an intimate space free of distractions and to adopt a good set and setting. Showers, bubble bath, massage, porn, erotic talk, fantasies, black light and UV paint, glow sticks, candy….Possibilities are unlimited.

This can involve being free of worries and leaving room for improvisation Moderate dosages (no higher than 100-120 mg) are recommended. Engaging in sexual activity is no more risky than dancing at a rave (from a cardiovascular point of view), so adding MDMA does not introduce significant differences. As always, general rules of risk reduction for MDMA apply.