Cocaine and nose bleeding

I wanted to ask if I should be worried about itchy nose after using cocaine.

At the time of snorting I had some nose bleed. It stopped fairly quickly within half an hour. Since then only once I had some blood coming out on a tissue but just once, two days after my first cocaine intake. Then, 5 days after the first intake I snorted again the same shit. This time I didn’t have any nose bleeding. However, since then I have felt my nose fragile and sort of itchy. In the last few days it has become increasingly itchy and I would say it even hurts a tiny bit. No bleeding, however. I have also been sneezing a lot and having runny nose for the last two days, sort of flu symptoms.

1st snort 14th of Feb (with bleeding). Second bleeding 16 Feb.
2nd snort 18th Feb (no bleeding)
27th Feb until now – increased itchy-ness and flu sympthoms like sneezing, feeling down, runny nose (not sure if actual flu or just the nose)

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the purest of cocaine… Do you think I should be worried?

Originally posted in SR 2.0 7/6/14 . Reviewed 4/2/23

It is uncommon for snorting occasional moderate amounts of cocaine to result in severe-chronic health problems.  To help recover, it is recommended to wash your nostrils with a warm saline solution twice a day for 7 to 10 days using a syringe.

In terms of the snorting technique, it is advisable to crush the substance into a fine powder before sniffing it. To avoid irritation in one nostril, it is recommended to alternate nostrils for snorting. When using a snorting straw, it is important to direct the straw towards the lateral part of the nasal turbinates instead of the nasal septum. This is because the nasal turbinates have better blood flow and therefore better absorption.

Some symptoms that may indicate a complication and suggest medical evaluation are:

  • persistent bleeding, continuous and persistent nasal congestion,
  • thick white and foul-smelling nasal discharge
  • intense pain in your cheeks or forehead
  • fever