Cocaine dependence potential

Just out of curiosity.

How often a week doing coke up the nose will be heading for a serious habit?

I’ve found my cola usage is going up a bit now I have found some decent quality gear & I’ve been using 1mg Xanax to ease the comedown & help me fall asleep which it does perfectly.

I understand that everybody’s different with regards addiction & tolerance levels but any imput from you would be really appreciated

I’m going through about a gram per week, spread out from the weekend & a session midweek sometimes, would it be a good idea to slow down for a while as I find coke very moorish just lately which has got me thinking…

Thanks Doctor X, your a very worth while addition to the forum

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The question is very difficult to answer…. How much sex is too much sex? How many drugs are too many drugs? In some situations there are objective parameters to measure normality versus disease (from obesity to hypertension). But in drugs things don’t work like that…..

In my opinion, it is not always the professional (doctor or whatever) who has the final say on whether someone is using or abusing drugs. There are scales and classifications that change every few years that can serve as a guide.

But at the end of the day, it is up to the user to measure whether his or her own drug use is appropriate for the personal, social, work or family activities he or she wants to pursue. It is also important to do the exercise of not using for a period of time and to see to what extent one feels (or not) the need to use substances in those circumstances where use is habitual.

In general, routine or cyclical patterns of use of substances with high addiction potential (in the case you mention, cocaine and benzodiazepines) end up causing problems of abuse or dependence (or «use disorder» according to the latest fashions). In my opinion, «a gram of cocaine every week» can cause problems in the medium term if it becomes routine. In your message you suggest that you think/feel you need to curb your pattern of use, follow your instinct….

By the way, this is the correct way to make a coke line.