LSD and chest pain

Are LSD and chest pain related?

Hey Doc, i have a question about some (presumably) LSD and chest pain i took:

So i got it from a reputable SR vendor  and tried out a single 100-125 ug tab. Only experience with drugs before this (except alcohol and tobacco) is weed a single time. I ate probably both too much and the wrong things (meat) before the trip, but i haven’t read that this could cause these pains.

In fact, the experience went pretty well. However, i had for some time this persistent ache in my leftmost chest. During the trip i took notes and described it as a warm feeling like my chest muscles/heart was slowly melting down across the chest. A week later i microdosed 25 ug and had that same feeling. It was a single, short stab of pain in that area as well. Not too extreme but strong enough to worry me.

It tasted only slightly metalic, not bitter as i’ve read NBOMES do, but mostly sort of sour, and the taste lingered slightly throughout the trip.

So, I hope it was just have been panic attacks (the first time was just fuck-all overwhelming, and i accidentally swallowed the microdose after some time and thought it wouldn’t work, so that trip wasn’t entirely expected either), but i’d like to hear a qualified view on it.

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It is impossible to know what has happened without knowing the content of the substance.

Chest pain is a possible symptom of a panic attack after taking psychedelics, but it is usually accompanied by psychological symptoms (anxiety, fear, etc.). Chest pain of cardiac origin tipically is «tightness radiating to the left arm» and accompains with nausea and vomiting.

In fact, LSD does not produce noticeable cardiovascular effects. A few psychedelics currently available in the market (NBOMEs, bromodragonfly, DO-X) are  active in microgram doses. There substances are sometimes counterfeits of LSD. And all these substances have considerable organic toxicity, which is absent in LSD.

LSD blotters or drops fluoresce if placed under a black light (the type of light used in some nightclubs). The technique is a bit rudimentary but it allows at least to rule out certain counterfeits. So, a Drug Checking Service is the ideal option, if available.


Crohn Disease, anxiety and psychedelics

Hey DoctorX

I have a ‘friend’ whom whilst tripping on 25I-Nbome started to come down and freaked out a bit.

My friend now suffers from anxiety and I don’t know what to do about it, and would have to see a psycologist to get a prescription to get meds

This person suffers from crohn’s disese and i’m worried that could have been a part of the problem.

Would there be any risk of them taking xanax to stop the anxiety attacks?EDIT: Friend is around the age of 18 and female. Very short and skinny

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Xanax (alprazolam) or any other short half-life benzodiazepine may be an option to resolve a panic attack in an acute situation, and the fact that your friend suffers from Crohn’s disease is not relevant in this regard.

However, there are some additional considerations. You must be absolutely sure that your friend’s problem is indeed a «panic attack». The effects and risks of 25i_NBOMe are unpredictable and, in case of doubt, a medical evaluation is recommended to rule out possible serious organic complications.

The duration of the alleged «panic attack» is important in this regard as it does not seem a likely diagnosis if the symptoms last more than a few hours.

I do not believe that there is a direct link between psychedelics and Crohn’s disease, although it is true that anxiety disorders are more frequent in these patients.

Benzodiazepines such as alprazolam should never be used as the sole long-term pharmacological treatment for anxiety disorders. There are much safer and more effective pharmacological options.