Is it safe having sildenafil with lsd or mdma in combination?

Originally posted in SR 2.0 16/4/14. Reviewed 9/2/23

There are no reported cases of severe toxicity mixing MDMA or LSD and sildelnafil. The combination is probably safe from a pharmacological point of view.

The risk of problems or adverse effects depends on dosage, timing, previous experience with both substances and personal characteristics. Some common effects of sildenafil (headache, nasal congestion) could be enhanced by psychedelic effects.

Let’s just say that when it comes to exploring the depths of sexuality and substances , it’s all about finding the right dose. 

The psychedelic effects of low to moderate doses of LSD can offer a unique perspective on sex that some people may find interesting. Too much LSD and you’ll be absorbed by a fractal  kaleidoscope of colors, completely forgetting about any naughty intention.

Something similar (though less intense) happens with MDMA. Low to medium doses can intensify and modify the qualities of sex, and a moderate dose of sildenafil can help a man maintain an erection (if that is what is intended). Increasing the dose is more likely to result in deep conversation, cuddling and cuddling (which isn’t bad either). In the latter case, sildenafil is likely to be ineffective and have mostly adverse effects.

In any case, the most dangerous combination is between PDE-5 inhibitors (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra…) and poppers. Both substances causes rapid blood flow and risks of  low blood pressure and fainting are common. In rare cases or persons with previous cardiological diseases it is possible to suffer more severe problems (heart attack, arrythmias…)