Drugs for opiates withdrawal

What are the best drugs for opiates withdrawal?

What are some of the best ways to mitigate opiate/heroin withdrawals? Besides not doing opiates/heroin of course… In the country I live in , methadone is illegal so I have to buy it in SR

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Detoxification with opioids (descending dosages of methadone, codeine or buprenorphine) is the simplest and less umconfortable way for heroin/opiate withdrawal. If, for any reason, these drugs are not used, clonidine could be an option

To minimize opioid withdrawal symptoms and signs, it’s essential to reduce the opioid dosage gradually. Tapering plans should be personalized based on the patient’s goals and concerns. The longer the duration of previous opioid therapy, the longer the taper may take. Tapers are often better tolerated if they are slower, especially following opioid use for more than a year.

Slower tapers involve a dose reduction of 5% to 20% every 4 weeks

Faster tapers decrease by 10% of the original dose per week or slower.

Clonidine acts on abdominal pain, shivering, muscular cramps and other physical symptoms but it is not very useful for anxiety and insomnia. Short time use of benzodiacepines like chlorazepate or midazolam (oral) can help.

L-acetyl-carnitine acts on pain in methadone detoxification. According to my professional experience it is useful for other opiates detoxification, too


General measures: good hydration, soft meals, resting…are useful, too.

These are general orientations, pattern of treatment and selection of drugs must be personalized. If you think this can help we can chat or skype