Hello I was wondering if you knew anything about tnf-alpha remicade(infliximab). I like to know if it is there are LSD, MDMA and infliximab interactions, dangerous for a person using this drug for IBD.

Originally posted in SR 2.0 . Reviewed 20/2/22

Infliximab is one of the most recent treatments available in inflamatory bowel disease (IBD, inflammatory bowel disease: Crohn’s Disease /Ulcerative Colitis). 

Infliximab is sometimes used intravenously in severe disease flares. In these circumstances the use of recreational drugs or psychedelics is contraindicated. The patient is usually hospitalized and in poor general condition. So he will not probably find psychedelics enjoyable. 

But, on other occasions it is used periodically subcutaneously. If the patient’s general condition (both physical and psychological) is acceptable, there are no data to assume that MDMA or LSD increase the risk significantly. An increase in adverse, toxic or toxic effects is not to be expected.