Doctor, very important question:

I am concerned risks about high dosage MDMA. I took MDMA with a friend, for each was the first time. I guess i may think that i have a strange natural tolerance to any drugs, since I’ve tried speed, coke, also DOM, and less more than nothing came. And so i decided to use a quite large amount of the substance, it would has been 0,5 for me 0,4 for him.

The fact is before we was pretty drunk too, and after 10 minutes I drank it in a glass of water I was beginning to fell the effects, some time after I WAS NO LONGER MYSELF. I’ve never felt, like i said, something that before. my friend was having a great time too. We hugged, danced, even while there were moments in which I struggled my friend was ever felt good.
the day after him was acting in a strange way, kinder than usual, talkative with people who didn’t know, and what fears me, a bit stupid, asking stupid question… and this not only the day after, but the second and the following

this is the fourth day, we have returned from holiday and I won’t longer see him very often… ah, I am 80 kg and him… mmh he’s tall 2 metres so will be 90 kg or so.

my question is: I’m have to be afraid? or him are experiencing only longer side effect? i’m really worried…

I can definitely say that it was my first experience whit a drug, weed isn’t ever comparable with this, that sensation to be out of mind… but what’s the reason? why only md has affected me? it can be the setting of the moment, while I was in good mood by alchool?
I didn’t expect to fell sensations this great, I am a little afraid now although i don’t fell particularly strange, only tired for lack of sleep, so I hope nothing happened at least to me

really thank you doctor

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Common recreational dosage of MDMA are is 1.5- 2 mg/kg, or 100-150 mg for someone of average weight. These are the same dosages used in clinical trials. For beginners, a somewhat lower dose of 70-100 mg is recommended.Women need slightly lower doses to achieve same effects than men.

Taking a high dosage of 400 or 500 mg can be dangerous and result in adverse or toxic effects. Additionally, mixing with large amounts of alcohol can worsen the situation.

It’s important to remember that just because you may have tried other drugs in the past or require a high dosage to feel the effects, this does not mean that the same is true for MDMA.

In most cases, high doses of MDMA are not typically associated with long-term toxic effects.Usually, symptoms diminish with time and dissapear in a few days. Good quality sleep helps.

In reality, high doses of MDMA are not typically associated with long-term toxic effects. Symptoms may diminish and eventually disappear in the days following use. However, if they persist for more than 7-10 days, it’s advisable to seek medical advice. This is, however, a rare occurrence. Most people recover after a few days of rest and good quality sleep.

High dosages increase risk of appearance and severity of MDMA adverse effects