«Doctor X Files: Questions and Answers about Drugs and Health» is a comprehensive and authoritative resource that delves into the most pressing questions and concerns about drugs and health.

The 915 questions were posed by cryptomarket forums between 2013 and 2017, covering a wide range of topics related to drug usage and its impact on health. This includes discussions on the Silk Road, Silk Road 2.0, Evolution Marketplace, and The Hub.

With the expertise of DoctorX, readers can gain access to updated and revised answers to each of these questions, providing invaluable insights and information on drug usage, health risks, and related issues. The text offers a wealth of knowledge for those seeking information about a specific drug or wanting to learn more about the broader implications of drug use

Ketamine or methoxetamine

Hi DoctorX!Great thread!!! I wish every doctor was like you...I am thinking about trying dissociatives...what should be the safest option...PCP, ketamine or methoxetamine?  Ketamine is a well known drug, widely used in therapy during 50 years. Recreative use of...

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Cannabis and tachycardia

Is there a cause-effect relation between cannabis and tachycardia? Marijuana is sort of famous for increasing heart rate. Some websites talk about it effecting an increase of 40 bpm, while others mention an increase of 50% over resting heart rate. Personally, my heart...

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Sex on MDMA

What is sex on MDMA like? I plan on using MDMA to engage in a sexual encounter with a very close friend. We’ll be using it together.Is sex on MDMA a good idea? What dangers should i look out for? what can I do to limit risks, or make the experience the best it can...

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LSD, MDMA and infliximab interactions

Hello I was wondering if you knew anything about tnf-alpha remicade(infliximab). I like to know if it is there are LSD, MDMA and infliximab interactions, dangerous for a person using this drug for IBD.Infliximab is one of the most recent treatments available in...

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GHB / GBL intoxication

GHB / GBL Intoxication and Overdose: Understanding  symptoms and what to do Last week a friend took too much G. He fell asleep for hours and we didn't know whether to call an ambulance or not. Finally,  finally woke up but we were very scared. Is GHB / GBL...

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