«Doctor X Files: Questions and Answers about Drugs and Health» is a comprehensive and authoritative resource that delves into the most pressing questions and concerns about drugs and health.

The 915 questions were posed by cryptomarket forums between 2013 and 2017, covering a wide range of topics related to drug usage and its impact on health. This includes discussions on the Silk Road, Silk Road 2.0, Evolution Marketplace, and The Hub.

With the expertise of DoctorX, readers can gain access to updated and revised answers to each of these questions, providing invaluable insights and information on drug usage, health risks, and related issues. The text offers a wealth of knowledge for those seeking information about a specific drug or wanting to learn more about the broader implications of drug use

Dextroamphetamine and neurotoxicity

Dextroamphetamine and neurotoxicity What makes you believe that dextroamphetamine is not neurotoxic at therapeutic dosages?Dosages of dextroamphetamine that produce neurotoxicity are much higher than those used in human therapeutics. In animal experiments dosages are...

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Tramadol for methadone withdrawal

Tramadol for methadone withdrawal I've been on methadone for 1.25 Years now, and I've been on a steady dosage of 20mg every 24 hours (oral dose). However, I bought it illegally the entire time, as the local methadone clinics have a waiting list that aren't worthwhile...

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Cannabis and schizophrenia link

Cannabis and schizophrenia link According to some studies, there is a cannabis and schizophrenia link. When I served in the Army I saw two cases. Although I take LSD and DMT more than weed, what are the chances of cannabis use activating a predisposed schizophrenic...

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DMT dosage, effects and risks

DMT dosage, effects and risks  I want to try DMT and wanted to ask you as a first timer which are the DMT dosage, effects and risks.   What type of DMT should i use (DMT or derivatives) ?  DMT ( dimethyltryptamine) is a potent psychedelic substance known for its...

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Heroin dependence

Heroin dependence My sister suffers a heroin dependence .. how do i make her stop using these fucking opiates??Some people quit opiates by themselves. Other need medical and/or psychological help. There are some drugs that make the process of detoxification easier or...

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