Some international press and on-line articles about DoctorX:


El Observatorio de drogas del DoctorX (El País 26/8/12)

Buying Your Drugs Online Is Good for You (Vice UK 24/1/2014)

The Secret Side of the Web Is Home to Heroes, Not Just Crooks (Wired 5/6/14)

Un doctor spaniol vrea să furnizeze controale de calitate pentru drogurile ilegale (VICE Ed.Rumanía 26/8/14)

This Spanish family physician wants you to know more about illegal drugs (GlobalPost 20/10/14)

DoctorX ist der zuverlässigste Drogenberater des Darknets (Motherboard Deustch, 22/11/14)

Fernando Caudevilla: Spanish doctor advises drug users on the dark web’s Silk Road (The Sydney Morning Herald, 20/10/14)

C’è un dottore nel Dark Web? (Wired 14/1/15)

Maak kennis met de drugsvoorlichter van het darknet (Vice Ed. Netherlands 30/1/15)

The Dark Net’s Drug Counselor (Motherboard, 29/1/15)

Inside the Deep Web Drug Lab (Medium 27/3/15)

«Доктор Х» из Барселоны — как тестируют лекарства и наркотики, купленные в интернете (Imenaua 6/4/15)

Silk Road’s leader paid a doctor to help keep customers safe ( 28/5/15)

Silk Road, Online Black Market, Reduced Users’ Risks, Defense Says (New York Times, 19/5/15)

The drug bazaar’s «Doctor X» discusses our failed war on drugs and shameful addiction policies (Salon 3/6/15)

Entrevistamos al doctor más confiable de la Deepweb (Vice Colombia 23/6/15)

Shedding light on the dark web (The Economist 16/6/16)

Legitimate Uses For The Dark Web (17/7/17)

Volajú ho DoctorX, na darknete radí, ako bezpečne brať drogy (Napunk, 12/5/18)

Interview with Fernando «DoctorX» Caudevilla (SAPAS, 12/5/18)

To Tackle Drug Use, Researchers Turn to Online Forums ( 18/10/19)

Some videos of activities DoctorX has participated in

My presentation for the 2015 International Drug Policy Reform Conference , Washington (20/11015) focused in on-line advice to recreational drug users in a harm reduction perspective into Deep Web Marketplaces

Liminal Village 2016: Risk and Harm Reduction in the Deep Web. A conference in Boom Festival (Lisbon)

A short interview by Youth RISE (2017)

Of the two hours of interrogation under a blinding spotlight, the only question that was edited out was «Do you take drugs?». In Spanish «Pasapalabra» means «next question.»

My intervention in «Drug Crypto Markets Beyond 2020» (Side Event to CND 2020, Vienna, UN 2020)