How long does THC stay in your system? Tips for passing a urine test

Hello. I have been a heavy cannabis user for the last 6-7 years, i am now been clean for 8 days, i train alot and have a healthy body, but now i have gotten a job and i need to pass a urine sample in 8 days, Is there anything i can use to get rid of this thc easier or do i have to wait ?, Wondering if i should take (Zydot Expellit) i was wondering what you mean about masking this urine sample.

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Cannabis elimination has a constant rate. Drinking too much water, urine cleaners or doing exercise are useless to mask urine sample. Diluting it with water does not work (density of urine is also tested in exams). The only way to mask the urine is change with other person’s (if he or she does not use cannabis)